Logical Time Demonstration
Jeffrey Albert Bergamini (jbergami@calpoly.edu)


Displays a graphical representation of a system of an arbitrary number of processes. Each maintains a scalar, vector and matrix clock. The interface allows the user to generate internal and external events for the processes and view the effects of those events on their logical clocks. In addition, a sequence diagram is generated from which events can be selected. When two are selected, the program presents a summary of what can be determined from the events in terms of cauality and global state using the scalar, vector and matrix timestamps.


If you're set up to view full-JDK applets, click here and the applet should pop up shortly. Be sure to open the Event List and Sequence Diagram through the View menu. Otherwise, it's pretty boring.

Download the jar file to run the non-applet version.

Javadoc here.

Source code here.

Source jar (with Makefile, README, etc) here.